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  • Why is Flossing Important?

    Some people may overlook flossing in their daily oral health routine. However, flossing daily is often the key to preventing oral health problems such as tooth decay and gum disease. In addition, flossing prevents serious heart problems that can result from severe gum disease. Although flossing may seem humdrum, there are many reasons why we want our patients to floss at least once daily. The dentists at Lanier Family and Cosmetic Dentistry are passionate about teaching their patients about maintaining their oral health, which is why they want them to know the benefits of flossing.

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    The Benefits of Flossing

    Removes Harmful Bacteria

    Over 500 different species of bacteria live in the average human mouth. Although most of these bacteria are harmless, if bacteria build up, they can cause cavities. Bacteria living between your teeth where your brush can’t be reached by brushing alone. Flossing between teeth can potentially prevent the creation of new cavities.

    Fights Gum Disease

    Bacteria not only create cavities but can also lead to the development of gum disease.  What begins as gum bleeding can quickly progress into tooth loss. Removing plaque from between teeth by flossing helps to prevent gum disease. Gum disease can negatively affect your oral health. When infection enters the bloodstream, it can impact your heart health and lead to cardiovascular disease, strokes, and diabetes.

    Removes Plaque

    Almost half of the plaque in your mouth cannot be removed by brushing alone. Around 40% of plaque in the mouth is hidden between teeth. Flossing, as well as regular dental cleanings, remove plaque from between teeth.

    Prevents Bad Breath

    When bacteria build up between teeth, the acids they produce cause bad breath. Removing bacteria and leftover food particles from between your teeth not only prevents bad breath but also preserves the health of your gums.

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