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  • Worn Teeth Buford, GA

    Tooth wear, broken fillings, and chipped teeth can all be signs of an underlying functional dental problem. Worn teeth are one of the dental concerns many patients worry about over time.  Dentists in Buford, GA, Dr. Alla Brown and Dr. Amanda Newberry are highly experienced in diagnosing and solving dental problems to prevent future damage to teeth.

    There are many factors that affect the integrity of the natural teeth, sometimes causing them to appear worn or begin to crack and chip: dental problems, diet, lifestyle habits, genetics, and accidents. If untreated, worn and/or damaged teeth can become lost teeth.

    We can fix worn teeth with a variety of treatment options but also seeks to identify the underlying cause to ensure that any dentistry provides lasting results. Restoring balance to the bite with restorative and cosmetic procedures is as important as addressing the appearance of the teeth and the key to avoiding the development of similar or additional dental problems later on.

    In other words, if a patient has prematurely worn or damaged teeth that are the result of teeth grinding and TMJ, it is necessary to diagnose and treat the cause of the TMJ in conjunction with any treatment designed to restore the damaged teeth. Our doctors will take the time to evaluate your entire occlusal system during a consultation and exam, offering a comprehensive approach and treatment plan that will enhance both your smile and your dental health!

    Treatment Options for Worn Teeth in Buford, GA

    The first step when solving the problem of worn or broken teeth is a comprehensive evaluation. Your treatment may include one or several procedures to establish a healthy, stable bite and repair cosmetic problems. Lanier Family & Cosmetic Dentistry offers several types of dental restorations, such as tooth crowns and porcelain veneers, which can be used to cover teeth that are worn, broken, or chipped.

    Tooth Bonding

    For minor tooth chips, Dr. Brown or Dr. Newberry may recommend cosmetic tooth bonding. This is a simple procedure, typically completed in a single dental visit. Tooth bonding can address cracks and chips or realign the bite by reshaping the tooth surface.

    Dental crowns

    Tooth crowns serve as a “cap” for a damaged or filled tooth, strengthening it and avoiding tooth loss.

    Dental fillings

    Cosmetic fillings can be recommended to brighten the smile and/or fix old, leaky fillings.

    Porcelain Veneers

    Dental veneers can cover damaged teeth in the “smile zone,” also covering stains and imperfections.


    In some cases, our dentists may also recommend orthodontic treatment to address misaligned teeth that can contribute to early wear and damage. Crooked or misaligned teeth can sometimes be the source of premature tooth wear and broken teeth. We offer both Invisalign clear aligners and Six-month Smiles, an invisible braces system that can gently reposition your teeth without traditional braces.

    Worn Teeth FAQs

    Can Worn teeth cause cavities?

    Yes. Worn teeth can lead to tooth cavities and more damage because tooth enamel has been removed. Without this protection, your tooth is highly susceptible to harm from plaque and bacteria that cause cavities. Routine dental cleanings are not enough to keep cavities away from worn teeth.

    Do I have to worry about tooth sensitivity?

    Yes. If you have worn teeth, you likely have tooth sensitivity as well. Since most of your enamel is gone, your tooth root is closer to the elements. Hot and cold foods can affect your sensitivity and cause pain every time you eat.

    Can you whiten teeth if the enamel is gone?

    Yes. Your cosmetic dentist can improve the appearance of your worn teeth and simultaneously whiten them with cosmetic dental treatments. Porcelain veneers are perfect for restoring and whitening worn teeth in your smile zone. We can also use dental crowns to whiten and repair your worn teeth.

    What should you do when your teeth become worn?

    If you notice your teeth beginning to become worn it is a good time to visit your dentist. They may offer options such as mouth guards and appliances to protect your teeth from further wearing. Other treatments may be offered such as crowns, bonding, and contouring.

    Can you fix worn-down teeth?

    If you are looking to fix worn-down teeth the best option is to treat them with crowns or bonds. They are the most common, and best esthetic option.

    Can enamel regrow?

    Enamel will not regrow if it erodes. Once the enamel has been damaged it must be repaired because it is not capable of repairing itself naturally.

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    It is important to remember that teeth do not grow back! If your teeth have become worn, schedule a visit at Lanier Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Buford to begin the process of restoring your dental health and improving your smile!