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  • Dental Technology Buford, GA

    Our goal at Lanier Family & Cosmetic Dentistry is to provide each patient with the highest level of care in a relaxing and comfortable environment. Our office is outfitted with the latest technology to make your visit more enjoyable. Digital dentistry in our Buford office also supports more accurate diagnostics and predictable outcomes for our patients.

    Our Buford dentist office is designed with amenities to make you feel at home with a warm and inviting presence. We have a refreshment bar with complimentary coffee, water, and soft drinks. We also have satellite radio, HDTV, and DVDs in each of our treatment rooms.


    No more gagging over gooey trays placed in the mouth! A convenient chair-side scanner, the iTero Element enables our dental care team to take comprehensive digital imagery of your teeth, gums, and oral structure without having to use messy impression trays. The iTero scanner is used for a wide range of scanning needs, including the digital impressions needed for the treatment planning phase of Invisalign. Patients will appreciate the ease and comfort of digital scanning.

    The handheld scanner is moved gently around your mouth for an impression process that is fast, painless, and more comprehensive than traditional impression trays. Digital scanning with iTero also supports better diagnostics when addressing restorative and cosmetic issues. Dr. Brown and Dr. Newberry are able to view and utilize high-resolution, 3D imagery when evaluating your oral health concerns and making appropriate treatment recommendations.

    Digital X-rays

    We use digital x-rays, which are far faster and safer than traditional x-rays. These diagnostic images are extremely important in diagnosing dental problems and getting a clear picture of your overall dental health.

    Digital x-rays are the standard in modern dentistry. Using this sophisticated dental technology, we are able to get a clear picture of the teeth, bones, and joints. Digital x-rays are fast and comfortable and deliver 90% less radiation than traditional x-rays.

    Digital x-rays are very important in diagnosing a patient’s dental condition. Without this snapshot of the interior workings of the oral system, the dentist is forced to simply guess what might be causing the problems. Dental x-rays are also extremely useful in looking for hidden problems such as oral cancer, and gum disease. Our doctors also use x-rays for TMJ treatment and diagnosis.

    Digital dental x-rays are eco-friendly because they don’t require chemicals to develop the images. And since they are in a convenient digital format, there is no need for bulky storage. The digital images can be kept in the patient’s digital dental records without concern for quality loss over time. The digital format can also be easily shared with other medical professionals when needed.

    Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

    In addition, we offer nitrous oxide for patients who have dental anxiety or fear. Laughing gas, as it is better known, has a calming effect, which leaves the patient alert yet relaxed and cooperative during treatment.

    Statistics show that 3 out of every 10 American adults avoid the dentist because of fear and anxiety. Dental phobia is no laughing matter. It is a serious condition that prevents people from getting the care they need. Without routine visits to the dentist office, patients can face tooth loss, gum disease, and oral cancer.

    We offer nitrous oxide, commonly known as laughing gas, to help patients feel relaxed during their procedure. Nitrous oxide is inhaled through a special mask. The patient remains awake and alert throughout treatment. The gas produces a calming effect, allowing the patient to have procedures done without fear or anxiety.

    Nitrous oxide is extremely safe and is only effective while the mask is on. Once the mask is removed, the effects of the laughing gas disappear and the patient can continue with their normal routine.

    Digital Impressions

    We make dental impressions easy and comfortable using a chairside handheld device. The iTero digital scanner is used for a range of needs, from Invisalign to restorations, and avoids the use of those messy impression trays.

    tekscan technology for tmj diagnosis in buford, ga


    Dr. Brown and Dr. Newberry offer advanced diagnostics and treatment for bite problems and TMJ disorders. We use Tekscan to evaluate the force and fit of the bite. Tekscan is a convenient, pain-free, handheld device that delivers unique information about the function of the bite. This is incorporated into our dental exam findings to provide a more comprehensive diagnosis for TMJ disorders. Tekscan enables our team to recommend appropriate treatment that is designed to address the root cause of a TMJ disorder. Patients enjoy better outcomes and improved oral health.

    We look forward to meeting you and addressing your oral health needs and goals. Our office is conveniently located in Buford, Georgia and we gladly see new patients from surrounding areas including Lawrenceville, Braselton, and Flowery Branch. Give us a call at (678) 359-4707, or request an appointment online with Dr. Brown or Dr. Newberry today.