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Tooth Extraction Buford, GA

Tooth Extractions An Overview

There are times when a tooth extraction is the best option for the overall health and function of your smile. Dr. Alla Brown will perform most tooth extractions in the convenience of our Buford, Georgia dental office. When necessary, we refer patients to an oral surgeon or periodontist for tooth extractions.

Tooth Extractions FAQs

Is a tooth extraction always necessary?

No. Tooth extractions should be a last-resort treatment for patients with severely damaged teeth. In the case of wisdom teeth, they should be removed to prevent malocclusion and other dental issues down the road. Your dentist will always try to save your natural teeth before recommending a tooth extraction.

When can I eat normally after tooth extraction?

Your dentist will recommend not eating anything for a couple of hours after a tooth extraction. You should stick to a soft diet for the first couple of days to allow for the socket to heal. Your dentist will give you specific instructions on post-op care. The most common issue you should be aware of is developing dry-socket. It is not common if all instructions are followed.

Can I drink water after tooth extraction?

Yes. Drinking fluids is okay after a tooth extraction, BUT do not use a straw. The number one thing you should not do is use straws or suck on anything after a tooth extraction. This can dislodge the important and protective blood clot in the socket and cause Dry Socket.

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Tooth Extractions What to Expect

The most common type of tooth extraction is the removal of wisdom teeth. The wisdom teeth generally appear in the late teenage years to early twenties. These are also called the third molars and typically lack adequate space in the jaw to erupt properly.

Wisdom teeth extraction is usually recommended to alleviate pain and to maintain the position of the other teeth. The wisdom teeth can damage neighboring teeth and in some cases become impacted.

Impacted wisdom teeth can develop into an abscess that must be treated immediately to prevent infection from spreading to the rest of the body. The risk of developing more advanced dental concerns increases with age if wisdom teeth aren’t removed.

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