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Treatment Options for Missing Teeth

Man Missing ToothMissing teeth can detract from the aesthetics of your natural smile, but they can also contribute to complex oral health concerns. Jeopardizing both the function and beauty of you smile, missing teeth should be treated as soon as possible to maintain your oral health. Buford, GA dentist Dr. Alla Brown offers a variety of missing tooth treatments to fit your lifestyle, budget, and cosmetic goals.

Most patients will suffer from some form of severe tooth decay or missing teeth in their adult life. Seeking treatment for your lost teeth can help restore your confidence and even may improve your daily social interactions. It is important to note that missing teeth can also lead to serious dental health concerns.

Untreated, missing teeth can lead to:

Missing Tooth Replacement Options

With the advancements in dental technology, technique, and materials, tooth replacement is more efficient, more comfortable and natural looking than ever before. Dr. Brown offers a variety of treatment options for missing tooth so that she can personalize your treatment plan so you receive optimal results. While each option has many benefits, dental implants can be used in combination with all options for a more secure restoration.

  • Dental Bridge- Affordable and effective, dental bridges are ideal for replacing several consecutive missing teeth. Dental bridges are removable. When used with dental implants, Dr. Brown can secure the bridge for a permanent and long lasting restoration.
  • Denture– Dentures have long been the go to for missing teeth. Used for patients who are missing all of their teeth on the upper or bottom jaw. Dentures are now more natural looking and can be better fit for comfort and increased chewing ability. Fixed dentures are even more secure with the use of dental implants.
  • Dental Implant- Dental implants are tiny titanium posts that are surgically implanted into the jaw. Once healed, dental implants fuse with your natural bone making a stable foundation for a dental restoration. For one missing tooth, a crown may be placed on the implant for a permanent and beautiful dental restoration.

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