There is always a need for a good dentist in Buford who can perform various procedures and treatments that can drastically improve the condition of the teeth. Dr. Alla Brown of the Lanier Family Dentistry & Cosmetic Dentistry office is a local dentist with experience on many dental cases, even cases that are more severe and need restoration.

Restorative Dentistry is something that takes place for patients who have serious dental problems and need to have their teeth restored. Dr. Alla Brown is a general dentist who provides all of the traditional dental services, but she also offers restoration for people who have tooth decay, broken teeth, or missing teeth. At the surface of the dental issues, it may seem that they are primarily cosmetic. However, broken and missing teeth can often lead to serious gum issues. Tooth decay can also lead to gum disease. These problems can cause severe pain that can begin to bother a patient and their regular routine.

Dr. Brown can treat patients for their different dental issues in her dental office, regardless of the severity of the case. She can take a thorough look at the teeth up close in the dentist office to see what is happening with the patient and their teeth. Dr. Brown is a family dentist in Atlanta who has and continues to treat patients of many ages. She works with the patient to treat the problem directly so that it will no longer be an issue. Not only will her treatment help to treat the pain caused by these dental issues, it will also leave the teeth in better shape.

A visit to this dentist office in Buford can do new and old patient much good, especially if they are dealing with severe dental issues. Dr. Brown wants each of her patients to feel comfortable when they are receiving their evaluation and coming up with options of treatment. In most instances, the treatment for the missing and broken teeth ends up being dental implants. The dental implant can be put in place of a natural tooth and it will work like a normal tooth would. This is just one of the advanced dental options that patients will have when they visit the dental office of Dr. Brown.