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  • The Dental Dangers of Vaping

    Many health professionals emphasize the danger of smoking habits, even when using e-cigarettes. But smokers might not realize that e-cigarettes can prove harmful to their oral health. A study in the Journal of the American Dental Association suggests that vaping can heighten an individual’s risk of forming cavities.

    Dentists link this threat to the teeth to the sugary sweeteners added to the liquids of e-cigarettes. Research in the long-term effects of vaping is still new, but its impact is clear. Young dental patients in particular can face this dental risk from vaping habits.

    When you have a firmer understanding of how vaping can affect your smile, you may reconsider your smoking habits. Explore the dangers that vaping can bring to your oral health when you read on.

    The Dental Dangers of Vaping

    Look Out for Added Sugar in Vapes

    Many smokers enjoy the sweet aftertaste that comes from adding sweeteners to e-cigarettes. But sugar infamously poses a threat to your dental health. Sugar becomes acidic when it reacts with saliva, and the resulting acid can eat away at your dental structure.

    Weakened tooth enamel will be more susceptible to bacterial penetration. Once your enamel erodes, it cannot regrow, so this risk will continue to plague your smile unless you work with your dentist. When bacteria start to decay the teeth, you could suffer serious dental problems as well as a decline in your smile’s appearance.

    A dentist can treat early stages of tooth decay like cavities, but you should preserve your natural dental structure for as long as you can by avoiding added sugar. This means paying attention to your diet and stopping habits like vaping that will introduce excess sugar to your smile.

    Harmful Dental Effects of Smoking

    Sugar will not be the only particles that vaping can bring into your body. And these other elements will negatively affect your oral health as well. For instance, nicotine in tobacco triggers inflammation throughout your body, which instigates a systemic response that will result in swelling and irritation.

    This can make existing inflammation, such as inflamed gums in patients with periodontal disease, worse. These patients can struggle with sore, bleeding, tender, and swollen gum tissue that can feel uncomfortable and detract from their smiles’ appearances.

    Even e-cigarettes that claim to be tobacco-free can contain trace amounts of nicotine that will result in this harmful oral health condition. As mentioned, research into vaping is still developing, so you should remain cautious with these products.

    How to Protect Your Oral Health

    Stopping a vaping habit and tobacco use can reduce your risk of many dental problems like cavities and gum disease. But you can also fight these dental problems when you prioritize your oral healthcare.

    This means sticking to a consistent and proper oral hygiene regimen both at home and at your dentist’s office. Attend routine dental cleanings and oral exams for early intervention to these dental concerns. Learn more about preventive dentistry by giving your dentist a call.