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  • Why Can I See Through My Teeth?

    Have you noticed that your teeth have a transparent look to them, especially near the edges? This effect may make you feel self-conscious about the way your smile appears. But it could also be a symptom of a larger dental concern.

    If you feel unsatisfied with the look of your smile, you should schedule a cosmetic consult with your dentist. But you should also seek a dental exam in the case of see-through teeth. Read on to learn about this aesthetic alteration that can occur in your teeth and how it impacts your oral health.

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    What Makes My Teeth Appear Translucent?

    If your teeth have a translucent appearance, especially at their edges, this could be a sign of enamel erosion. Enamel refers to the hard outer layer of the tooth which protects sensitive nerves and blood vessels in the interior.

    Enamel is durable but over time, it may wear down due to poor oral habits, diet, or underlying medical issues. Once enamel is gone, it cannot regrow on its own. So this translucent appearance and other related issues will remain unless you find treatment with your dentist.

    How Can My Dentist Restore the Look of My Smile?

    Enamel will not naturally regenerate if it erodes, but your dentist can help you restore your dental structure. Enamel loss may leave your teeth at risk of major damage, and you might notice tooth sensitivity pain.

    If this occurs, your dentist can protect your remaining enamel with fluoride treatment. Fluoride will absorb into the teeth to strengthen them and prevent further damage to your smile. A dentist can also give a patient restorative dental solutions like dental crowns to replace weakened enamel.

    However, if you want to address discoloration like see-through teeth edges, you might need cosmetic treatment. A dentist can use teeth bonding to make your smile appear brighter and more even in color. Schedule an evaluation with your dentist to find the best way to enhance the look of your unique smile.

    Can I Prevent Enamel Loss in My Teeth?

    Enamel erosion can occur for many reasons, including some factors outside of a patient’s control. But you can protect your dental structure with at-home measures like a good oral hygiene routine. This way, you can remove plaque and other harmful residues from your smile before they can hurt your teeth.

    This involves brushing your teeth twice each day and flossing on a daily basis. Visiting your dentist for routine oral exams and teeth cleanings will also ensure you have the preventative dental care that you need.

    Ask your dentist if using mouthwash or toothpaste that contains fluoride will further protect your tooth enamel. These efforts may further preserve the integrity of your dental structure.

    Certain foods and beverages can also weaken your enamel. For this reason, limit or avoid sugary and acidic food items. Even if you practice good oral hygiene, these foods can cause irreversible harm to your smile quickly.