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  • 4 Oral Health Benefits from Dental Crowns

    If your dentist diagnoses you with a damaged tooth, they may recommend that you receive a dental crown to protect your smile. This fixture features a ceramic or porcelain cap that covers an affected tooth and is secured into place with bonding.

    The crown is a common dental tool because it has a variety of uses and advantages. Lanier Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, a dental practice in Buford, GA, describes four benefits you can experience from restorative treatment with dental crowns.

    dental crown benefits in Buford Georgia

    Repair Tooth Breakage

    Although teeth endure wear and tear without issue regularly, they can chip, crack, or fracture if exposed to abnormally high amounts of pressure. Tooth breakage can leave your teeth vulnerable to oral infections and other secondary dental problems.

    A dental crown covers any tooth breakage to protect the tooth from further harm and restore the intact appearance of the tooth.

    Whiten Discolored Teeth

    Dental crowns are constructed with the unique size, shape, and color of your teeth in mind. You can also discuss your smile aesthetic goals with your dentist during a consultation appointment.

    With your dentist’s assistance, you can get the most out of your dental work by choosing a crown that can whiten your teeth if they are discolored, stained, or yellow.

    Replace Eroded Enamel

    The outer layer of your tooth, called enamel, can erode over time due to poor oral hygiene, tooth decay, or factors beyond a patient’s control, like aging. Once enamel is gone, it cannot restore itself on its own.

    If enamel thins, underlying dentin becomes exposed, leaving you with painful tooth sensitivity. A dental crown can replace enamel to prevent dentin from being stimulated and alleviate tooth sensitivity symptoms.

    Cover Tooth After Surgery

    A dental crown is a highly beneficial restorative tool on its own. But it can play a major role in other dental procedures as well. A crown can serve as a prosthetic tooth affixed to the top of a dental implant. It may also cover a vulnerable tooth after root canal therapy.

    Learn More About Dental Crowns in Buford, GA

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