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  • Break Bad Habits For Healthy Teeth

    Bad habits are hard to break, and we often do not realize the full extent of damage they may be causing to our health. Do you know how your bad habits may be deteriorating your oral health? Buford, GA dentist Dr. Alla Brown offers some insight on how a few bad habits impact your oral health.

    Teeth Are Not Scissors

    Our parents always told us, “Do not use your teeth to do that!” Turns out, they were right. Using your teeth as a stand in for scissors or a knife can cause damage to your teeth and jaw. Do not put yourself at risk for accidentally swallowing something dangerous or chipping your teeth. Take the extra few minutes to find a sharp tool to help you open that package, or a ask a friend to help you. If the damage has already been done, contact our Buford dentist office for our restorative dentistry treatment options. Dr. Brown will spend time examining your oral health needs and can recommend conservative dental care to restore the health and beauty to your smile.

    Relax Your Jaw

    Clenching or grinding your jaw can be a reaction to stressful situations. Sometimes, we do not even realize we are doing it. Try to be aware of how hard your jaw is clenched. Damage to your jaw can cause frequent headaches, chipped teeth, of difficulty eating. If you grind your teeth in your sleep, or suffer from chronic jaw pain ask Dr. Brown about TMJ treatment options like mouthguards or Invisalign.

    Always, Gently, Brush Twice A Day

    Brushing your teeth with force will not make them any cleaner. Brushing too hard just irritates your gums, and may lead to root exposure over time. Brushing twice a day is essential to your oral health, but take a break. Think of brushing your teeth as a gentle massage of the gums and teeth. Make sure you are brushing with a soft bristled brush to avoid bleeding gums. Dr. Brown can help show you how to properly brush and answer your questions about what dental treatments are best for your oral health.

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