Anyone looking to find a cosmetic dentist in Atlanta, GA may be interested in visiting the Lanier dental office. Dr. Brown is the local dentist at the office and she works hard to ensure that all of her patients have beautiful and healthy teeth. One of the different kinds of cosmetic dentistry services that Dr. Brown offers at her dentist office is the porcelain veneers. This is especially ideal since many people are looking to get porcelain veneers in Atlanta, GA. These kinds of veneers are used to dramatically change the teeth so that they look much better than they did before. In general, porcelain veneers are used to cover imperfections, which would include any chips, cracks, gaps, or discoloration of the teeth. Those who are interested in the veneers should take a visit to the dentist office Buford, GA to receive an evaluation from Dr. Brown.

Upon visiting the dentist in Buford, GA, Dr. Brown will examine the teeth because each individual patient is different, especially when it comes to the way in which their teeth are shaped. Receiving porcelain veneers is actually a process which will end up taking a few trips to the dentist office. There are several steps that Dr. Brown has to follow, which includes the preparation process, provisional veneers, and the final fitting. Preparation usually includes removing a small part of the natural tooth so that there will be room for the porcelain veneers to fit over the teeth without a problem. The provisional veneers are usually plastic and are used temporarily to protect the teeth while the porcelain veneers are being created. The final step is the fitting, which is when Dr. Brown applies the veneers and makes sure that they fit perfectly and that the patient is completely satisfied. Dr. Brown is a dentist in Buford, GA who performs this cosmetic dentistry service as well as a number of other general dentist services.