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  • Botox Treatments from Your Cosmetic Dentist

    Botox, commonly known for its beauty enhancements, is a game-changer even within the dental community. At Lanier Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, located in Buford, GA, our experienced team also provides Botox treatments for patients who aspire towards better aesthetics coupled with improved oral health. Discover why you should speak to your dentist about Botox cosmetic treatment when you read on.

    Botox Treatment from Your Cosmetic Dentist

    The Versatility of Botox in Dentistry

    While Botox has etched its success well into the field of dermatology, its usage within dentistry extends much beyond cosmetic reliability. A dentist can also use Botox to address certain dental issues, bringing relief to many patients.

    Treating TMJ Disorders with Botox

    A significant number of patients turn to Botox as an effective treatment option if diagnosed with temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders that often cause debilitating jaw pain or chronic headaches. In many cases, patients cannot release this strain on their own. Then they can see jaw dysfunction as well as worsening pain without intervention from a dentist.

    The medicine contains a mild paralytic that can help reduce the tension that can lead to this pain. When administered properly by professionals, this medication can relax strained muscles surrounding your delicate jaw joint while bringing about considerable ease to these conditions. This can bring you pain relief while also reducing your risk of further dental health deterioration.

    Botox Wipes out Wrinkles

    Besides medical benefits, Botox proves to be an effective way to eradicate wrinkles between eyebrows or on corners prone to crow’s feet, like near the eyes and mouth. Dentists can help patients restore lost confidence derived from maintaining one’s youthful glow.

    Botox relaxes facial muscles to stop excess movement that can overstretch skin and leave wrinkles behind. It can stop the formation of fine lines and wrinkles while also reducing the look of existing lines in the face. Discuss your smile aesthetic goals with your dentist to learn more about Botox’s benefits.

    A Walk Through the Botox Administration Process

    Navigating through unfamiliar procedures might seem daunting, but fear not! Our proficient staff guarantees convenience during every step. They begin with a consultation using detailed examinations to ensure the optimal success of your treatment. Then they provide post-procedure care that avoids unpleasant surprises along this journey towards both visual and oral health recovery.

    Botox involves an injection into the targeted areas of the skin and jaw, depending on your unique treatment plan. Patients experience little to no pain during this process. But you can ask your dentist for information about what to expect during this quick and easy treatment session. Ensuring our patients’ well-being is always prioritized at Lanier Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, where we brief you about potential side effects commonly observed post-treatment – a mild inflammation maybe.

    Summertime can be the perfect time to kickstart Botox treatment at your dentist’s office. Then you can enjoy the aesthetic and oral health benefits as soon as possible.

    Set up your cosmetic dental appointment today when you reach our front office staff online or by phone at 678.359.4707. Step into your journey of unveiling a radiant smile paired brilliantly with enhanced dental health confidence!