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  • Stress Impacts the Aesthetic of Your Smile

    Over the last few years, the restrictions, risks, and regulations of the COVID-19 pandemic have heightened the stress levels of many people around the world. Stress can lead to medical concerns, but it can also negatively impact your oral health.

    If your smile is not at its healthiest, its appearance may begin to deteriorate as well. Your dentist can help you restore the look of your smile, but you can stay aware of issues that contribute to these aesthetic concerns as well. Lanier Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, a dental practice serving patients in Buford, GA, describes three oral habits stemming from stress that could cause cosmetic damage to your teeth.

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    3 Stress-Related Habits That Could Hurt Your Smile

    Drinking Staining Beverages

    Stress can disrupt your sleep schedule. If you wake up feeling groggy, you may turn to coffee or tea for a caffeine boost to get you through your busy day. But dark-colored drinks like tea and coffee contain tannins, substances that absorb into the enamel of your teeth and leave stains behind.

    This tooth discoloration cannot be removed with your usual oral hygiene routine, so you should limit your consumption of these beverages to preserve your smile. If you notice yellowing, staining, or other discoloration in your smile, you can ask your dentist about teeth whitening treatment to brighten your tooth color.

    Grinding and Clenching Teeth

    Teeth grinding or clenching, a behavior known as bruxism, can begin or exacerbate under high stress levels. The grating of top teeth against bottom teeth generates pressure that could cause teeth to chip, crack, or shift out of place over time.

    If the habit continues, further structural damage may develop, including temporomandibular joint disorders. Your dentist may give you a custom-made mouthguard for you to wear overnight to protect your teeth against bruxism that may occur as you sleep.

    Skipping Routine Dentist Appointments

    With the stress of the pandemic, many people may think it is easier to skip their routine teeth cleanings and exams than to visit their dentist’s office. But dentists perform crucial preventative dental care during these appointments.

    They will remove lingering plaque and tartar that could cause serious damage to your teeth and gums. They also examine your smile for signs of problems like periodontal disease or cavities.

    The dentist will provide swift treatment before the issues can lead to significant or irreversible harm. Without this care, you may find yourself requiring extensive dental work to restore the look and function of your smile.

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