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Pediatric Dental Emergencies: What to Do

Children can be rambunctious, and accidents happen even when all precautions are taken. Oral pain or trauma can be distressing for a child. It is important to seek treatment as soon as possible if the child suffers from an accident that harms the mouth. Dr. Alla Brown and Dr. Amanda Newberry, dentists in Buford, GA, recommend calling a pediatric dentist right away in the event of an emergency. Here, they also offer guidance for actions to take if your child experiences a dental emergency.pediatric dentist buford ga


Tooth pain can range from minor to severe and can occur for several reasons. Cavities can cause discomfort for children. A pediatric dentist can examine the young patient’s teeth for signs of decay and fill cavities to prevent further damage and ease painful symptoms.

A toothache can also be acute, potentially caused by an object caught in the tooth. If the item is visible, you can try to remove it with flossing or brushing. Cleaning teeth is a good idea even if you cannot see an object stuck in the child’s tooth. If tooth pain persists after these measures are taken, you should contact a dental professional.

Tooth trauma

Impact to the mouth can cause trauma and pain to a child’s teeth. The teeth can also suffer from damage that will need to be fixed by a pediatric dentist. Loose baby teeth are normal for a child, but if permanent teeth are loose, a dentist may need to determine a course of action.

A broken or cracked tooth should be cleaned with a warm water rinse. Fragments of the tooth should be collected and brought with the patient to the dentist. Similarly, if a tooth has fallen out, the tooth should be collected and preserved as well as possible. If you can, try to place the tooth back in its socket carefully. If this is not possible, you can place the tooth in water with a bit of salt. You should contact a dental professional immediately for an emergency appointment.

Jaw injury

A cold compress can help ease the pain and reduce swelling for a sore jaw after an injury. Your dentist can examine the child’s jaw for signs of damage, as well as the teeth and gums. If the jaw’s function is impaired or appears misaligned, this could be a sign of a jaw fracture. In this case, you should try to immobilize the jaw and take the child to the emergency room.

Contact a pediatric dentist in Buford, GA

If your child has a dental emergency in Buford, GA, contact a local dentist at Lanier Family and Cosmetic Dentistry for optimum pediatric care. Dr. Brown and Dr. Newberry offer general, cosmetic, and restorative dental care for patients of all ages. You can schedule an appointment or a consultation with us by contacting our office online or reaching us by phone at 678.359.4707.