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  • All About Dental Bonding

    At Lanier Family & Cosmetic Dentistry we work with each patient to address their dental concerns and find the right solution for their smile. We offer an array of dental treatments that can improve the aesthetic of your smile, restore function, and promote a healthier smile. To better inform our patients on some of the treatments we offer in our Buford, GA dental office, this month we are highlighting a cosmetic dentistry procedure called tooth bonding.

    Tooth bonding is a cosmetic treatment that can address a wide range of dental concerns. Tooth bonding can be an ideal solution for patients with:

    • gapped teeth
    • misshapen teeth
    • fractured teeth
    • chipped teeth
    • cracked teeth

    Tooth bonding is a quick, effective solution for patients with damaged teeth. Buford cosmetic dentists Dr. Alla Brown and Dr. Amanda Newberry work closely with each patient to determine which treatment will best suit their dental needs. If dental bonding is right for you, Dr. Brown or Dr. Newberry will work with to determine a treatment plan that addresses your dental needs. To determine if tooth bonding is right for you, schedule an appointment at Lanier Family Dentistry in Buford, GA dental office.

    The Tooth Bonding Procedure

    Tooth bonding can be an ideal solution for patients in need of minor repairs. Tooth bonding requires minimal tooth preparation, so your existing teeth are not compromised. Tooth bonding can be completed in just one short visit to our Buford, GA dental office.

    During your visit, we will remove a small amount of tooth structure to prepare the tooth for dental bonding. Next, a biocompatible composite resin is carefully applied to the tooth. We use a high-quality composite resin that can be shaped, color matched, and molded to match your natural smile, giving you a seamless, durable solution for your damaged teeth. Once the bonding material has been appropriately shaped, we will use a unique light to cure the bonding material into place. Once completed, patients can expect to have a beautiful, natural-looking smile.

    With excellent oral hygiene and regular visits to Lanier Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, your dental bonding can last years. For any cosmetic treatment to last, it is crucial that patients take care of their teeth after treatment to avoid any complications or damage.