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Dental Treatment For Your Missing Teeth

Woman showing her white smile At Lanier Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we know that complex dental issue occur every day. We offer treatments to help patients restore their smiles in our Buford, GA dental office. Dr. Alla Brown is an experienced dentist dedicated to providing exceptional dental care. Take the time to visit of Buford, GA dental office. Feel free to schedule an appointment online or give us a call at 678.714.9199

Replacement Options For Missing Teeth In Buford, GA

No need to be embarrassed about your missing teeth, especially when Dr. Brown has a number of replacement options to help improve your beautiful smile. Buford dentist, Dr. Brown offers a variety fo replacement options for patients who are missing teeth. She will work with you to find a solution that is right for you.

Dentures & Partials
Dentures and Partials are a durable replacement option for your missing teeth. Dentures and partials can help restore your smile if you are missing multiple teeth, Dentures and Partials can be designed to resemble your natural smile and give you a great option for your missing teeth. Due to advancement is dentistry, Dr. Brown has the option to secure your dentures or partials with dental implants. Patients who receive dental implants need to have a strong jaw bone structure. Before your treatment, Dr. Brown will thoroughly exam your bone structure to determine if you are a good candidate for dental implants.

Dental Implants
Dental implants are a stable and durable solution to patients who are missing teeth. Before your appointment, Dr. Brown will discuss your dental goals and any concerns you may have. In order to receive dental implants, you need to have a strong jaw bone structure. Dr. Brown will exam your mouth, teeth, bone structure, and gums to determine if you are able to receive dental implants.

Dental Bridges
Dental bridges can replace one or consecutive missing teeth. Traditional dental bridges requiring neighboring teeth to be reshaped in order to support the dental bridge. Dental bridges can be secured with crowns or dental implants.

Dr. Brown is a dedicated general dentist dedicated to providing exceptional, patient-focused dental care to the Buford area. If you are looking for replacement options, visit our Burford, GA dental office.