A whiter smile positively impacts people on a number of different levels. The resulting bright smile from a teeth whitening treatment can raise a patient’s confidence level, and healthier-feeling teeth will make people more comfortable to engage in further dentistry work that encourages better dental hygiene. Dr. Alla Brown brings all these things to the table with the innovative and effective teeth-whitening procedures that she offers through Lanier Family and Cosmetic Dentistry. Dr. Brown’s use of the latest techniques in cleaning and whitening make achieving a stunning, bright smile in Buford, GA easier than most can imagine.

For the convenience of the customers, there are two popular teeth whitening methods that are offered. The first of these methods takes place in the office setting. The Zoom, Chair-side Whitening procedure is ideal for people who desire to see results immediately. Patients opting for this cleaning method often are preparing for important events such as weddings, family gatherings, high-school reunions, or important jobs interviews where looking one’s best is of the utmost importance. The procedure is painless, and it can be completed in less than an hour.

The other popular option for patients is the at-home system that delivers in-office results. Using this procedure, individuals use the teeth whitening-kit provided to them in order to recapture a radiant smile with very little time and effort. The process uses bleaching trays that are custom molded to each individual’s teeth, ensuring the best results possible. The white is deep, brilliant, and uniform over your entire smile. The gels are gentle on the gums, and there is virtually no discomfort that comes with using the kit. Each treatment can be done at night, only requiring the tray to remain in place over the teeth for two to three hours at a time. Specific dental recommendations are also used with the trays to create a shining smile that is tailored to your individual features. Many patients will use the two procedures together in order to maintain their brilliantly white teeth over time. The at-home trays can used to perform touch-up work and lengthen the amount of time that chair-side treatments are visible.

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