Are you suffering with recurring headaches or earaches that seem to have no definitive cause?

Do you wake up with neck or facial pain or tightness in your jaw area?

You may be one of many who are suffering unknowingly from a Temporomandibular disorder (TMD), commonly referred to as TMJ. The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) can become dislocated, be injured in a blow to the head/jaw area or may not be aligned correctly within the jaw- all problems which can lead to developing TMD and the symptoms associated with this oral health problem. Because these symptoms are not those we usually think of when it comes to a dental health issue, TMD can often go undiagnosed and may eventually cause some common oral health problems like gum disease.

The symptoms of TMD can frequently be caused by teeth grinding which usually occurs at night and can damage the teeth as well as the soft tissues of the mouth. Teeth grinding can place stress on the TMJ and cause it to “pop” when moving the jaw. This type of stress on these muscles can also cause the jaw to lock up, making it difficult to chew or yawn. The tension created in this area is what often leads to headaches and earaches that are more noticeable upon waking.

Dr. Alla Brown, a dentist in Buford, GA has extensive experience in treating patients who have TMJ disorders and offers a range of treatment options depending on the severity of the TMD. Dr. Brown takes the time with each patient to perform a thorough exam and understand the patient’s concerns and overall dental health. Typically, in most cases a mouthguard that is to be worn at night is suggested. This custom fit mouth guard will alleviate stress that is put on the entire occlusal system from teeth grinding and protects the teeth from being damaged.

At her Atlanta area dental practice, Dr. Brown has the experience and the technology to restore oral health to her patients suffering with TMJ disorders and offers the cosmetic and restorative services some need to bring their occlusal system into balance.

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