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Lanier Family Dentistry Now Offers Six Month Smiles

Six month smiles logoSo many of our adult patients want a straighter smile, but they don’t want to endure long treatments or wear embarrassing, uncomfortable metal braces. Often times, crooked teeth are a cosmetic issue, not involving major bite problems. Six Month Smiles is an innovative, clear braces system that can help you achieve straighter teeth in as little as six months.

Dr. Alla Brown of Lanier Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Buford, Georgia is pleased to be among the first dentists in the area to offer the Six Month Smiles System. Six Month Smiles is designed specifically for adults and teenagers over age 15 who have crooked, crowded or spaced teeth without major bite issues. Patients who went through traditional orthodontic treatment as a child, but never followed through with retainer therapy are especially well suited for Six Month braces.

What Makes Six Month Smiles Braces Different?

  • Traditional braces can take two to four years to reach treatment goals. With Six Month Smiles, the average patient gets straighter teeth in just six months.
  • Metal braces can be uncomfortable and put pressure on the teeth. Six Month Smiles braces are designed to shift teeth gradually for a more comfortable treatment
  • The Six Month Smiles System utilizes specialized clear brackets and tooth-colored wires – making them virtually invisible.
  • With Six Month Smiles, you progress will be monitored by your general dentist, Dr. Brown in our Buford dental office, meaning no trips to the orthodontist or specialist.
  • Six Month Smiles clear braces are more affordable compared to other treatments like Invisalign or metal braces.

Six Months to More Beautiful, Healthier Teeth

The Six Month Smiles System will transform not just the look of your smile, but its health as well. Six Month Smiles treatment can result in healthier gums, since straight teeth are easier to clean than crooked teeth. Straighter teeth help fight against tooth wear and gum disease. Healthy teeth also encourage proper nutrition by enabling people to eat a variety of foods, help boost self-esteem and can reduce headaches and joint pain.

Six Month Smiles FAQs

Does it really only take six months?
On average, patients get straighter teeth with Six Month Smiles in just six months. Treatment can range from 4 to 9 months and nearly all patients complete treatment in less than a year.

What do 6 Month Braces look like?
Six month braces are made from a special, tooth colored material so they are barely visible. Patented brackets are placed on the teeth to secure clear wires that will gently reposition the teeth during your treatment period.

Will Six Month Braces damage my teeth, roots, or gums?
There are very few risks associated with 6 Month Smiles braces. The innovative system was created to be gentle on teeth without causing damage. Dr. Brown has completed special training with 6 Month Smiles to further reduce any potential issues. Dr. Brown will also monitor your progress throughout treatment to prevent any problems.

Is Six Month Smiles Right For You?

Contact Lanier Family & Cosmetic Dentistry to schedule a consultation with Dr. Alla Brown and find out if Six Month Smiles is right for you. During a simple consultation, we can determine if you are a candidate for six month braces and outline what you can expect. Call 678-359-4707 to get started.